Buyer / Tour Operator Key Dates & Info

RTO Summit is a boutique networking conference with one full day of one-on-one marketplace meetings. There will be approximately 70 suppliers in attendance.

This page will provide you with information on how to prepare and get the most out of  RTO Summit. If you have any additional questions we are always happy to help,


Tour Operator registration for the one-on-one marketplace meetings on Sep. 20 for tour operators is complimentary and includes the following:

  • Complimentary registration
  • Breakfast, lunch and reception
  • A raffle with a chance to win great prizes provided by suppliers
  • Your company included in our RECEPTIVE FINDER DIRECTORY on (cost for non-attendees: $250 – $1,000)

Company Profile

Our online registration form includes a brief form asking for some basic information about your company. This information will be transferred onto the appointment platform and you will have a chance to update your information before the appointment request window opens. To ensure productive meetings, it is important that you include as detailed information as possible and make sure the information in your profile is accurate.

Appointment Pre-Requests/Scheduling


Buyers & suppliers will be able to request appointments in advance. The appointment pre-request information, including your login credentials for the appointment platform and instructions on how to submit your requests will be sent to you on  2018 dates TBA. You will have until  2018 dates TBA to submit your requests. You will receive your appointment schedule when you arrive at the conference on
2018 dates TBA

One-on-One Marketplace Meetings

The one-on-one appointments will take place on Sep. 20. Tour operators will be seated at tables and suppliers will move around to meet with them. There are no booths at RTO Summit.


We understand that list minute emergencies happen. However, we want to emphasize that registering to attend RTO Summit is a commitment and we expect advance notice of any cancellations, preferably before the appointment request window opens and before the schedules are generated. In addition, the appointments will be scheduled from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on  2018 dates TBA. You can expect to have a full schedule with appointments scheduled the entire day. If you have to leave early or can only attend part of the day, please let us know before the schedules are generated on  2018 dates TBA so that we may block your schedule.

Dress Code

The dress code for this event is business casual.

Key Dates

  • Present: Tour operator registration
  • 2018 dates TBA: Appointment pre-request window opens. Information on how to pre-request appointments will be emailed on this day.
  • 2018 dates TBA: Appointment pre-request window closes at midnight PST
  • 2018 dates TBA: Appointment schedules are generated
  • 2018 dates TBA RTO Summit Orlando- Symposium/Educational Sessions
  • 2018 dates TBA: RTO Summit Orlando- One-on-One Marketplace meetings