• Develop new international business. Instead of taking one-to-two weeks to coordinate appointments on their own
  • Best buyer-seller ratio in the industry. We limit the number of sellers so that attendees can maximize the number of buyers they meet.
  • Uncluttered selling environment.    We purposely market to sellers outside of Los Angeles,  New York  and Orlando as operators already have access to those organizations anytime. This prevents our attendees from feeling like the trailing spouse at a high school reunion.
  • Personalized Service. Our unique ratio allows us to provide valuable advance intelligence about each buyer’s interests and, where possible, our staff offers informal introductions on-site.
  • Timely Presentation Topics.  Presentation sessions will not only provide  information from leading RTO’s as to their advance bookings, but also peer into the future with a look at trends and what’s new and how to market destinations and products to the international market online.


  • New Connections. Connect RTO Spring brings together over 100 new and existing suppliers and DMOs in one place, making it easier than ever to form new business relationships.
  • New Ideas.   Each seller is asked to bring three new product ideas to their appointments.
  • Efficient Updates.  Gather  fresh information from 30-40 suppliers and destinations in one place.
  • Less In-Office Disruption.  Instead of having 30 sellers disrupting your office environment, you can meet them under one roof
  • Help Find New Business.  All operators receive Free inclusion in the ReceptiveFinder on www.TheTourOperator.com, the only search engine in the world that allows users to search for receptive operators by language spoken in their office. ($1000 value)